Wapenrek Rack Storage M16 M16A1 Rifle M12

12 okt 2023, 13:33 Dump Company - Legerdump

Wapenrek Rack Storage M16 M16A1 Rifle M12

Aantal beschikbaar, origineel U.S. Army !

€ 99,00 per stuk

M16 U.S. military rifle rack voor M16 en M16A rifles.

Origineel gebruikt goede staat.

In verband met volume, alleen afhalen.

M16 military rifle rack for holding M16 or M16A rifles. These US GI military rifle racks have some blemishes from weathering, but are great for firearm storage.

Collectors will love storing up to 10 rifles in this 36 inch long x 42 1/2 inch high x 10 inch wide military rifle rack.

These racks will be in used condition with scrapes, dents, and or peeling paint.

Materiaal: staal en aluminium

Afmetingen: 92 x 25 x 108