M-1938 US army tanker helmet repro

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M-1938 USA Tankers or armored Helmet. This reproduction helmet is exactly like originals are made

. It is perfect for US Armoured Reenactors, Helmet Collectors, museums, leaving presents, commemorations or similar.

The tank destroyer battalion was a type of unit used by the United States Army during World War II. The unit was organized in one of two different forms: a towed battalion equipped with anti-tank guns, or a self-propelled battalion equipped with Self-propelled guns. The tank destroyers were formed in response to the German use of massed formations of armored units early in WW2. The tank destroyer concept envisioned the battalions acting as independent units that would respond at high speed to enemy tank attacks. In this role they would be attached to divisions or corps. In practice, they were usually attached to infantry divisions. Over one hundred battalions were formed in WW2.

It has been issued in OD Green, and has been aged to give it a"been there" look !

The stenciled decal shows good signs of wear and ageing.it is made of paper with varnish layer like the originals where

The leather is perfect and has dark areas and if you are going to wear it, it could do with some conditioner to clean it and make it softer.

Most of the poppers have rust on the underside but all still work. Altogether a great piece of kit if you want a period looking & working Tank Battalion Helmet for display and a fraction of the price of an original.

tanker jacket NOT included in sale, it's just for illustration !!!