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Deville Multi Fuel Heater

Ex Military multi-fuel heater

Diesel fuel / red kerosene, oil.

With Blue Flame technology, this radiator makes the most of the fuel.

In the Deville burner, the combustion in stages guarantees the optimization of the fuel / air mixture.

The central inductor tube (exclusive to Deville) allows complete combustion of hydrocarbons at very high temperature,

result - no soot, resulting in a fixed blue flame.

Clean, quiet, odorless, easy to use, with very low fuel consumption thanks to the TOBY dispenser.

Minimum maintenance; Thanks to the blue flame technology, your diesel / kerosene heater is economical and environmentally friendly.





Log cabins

Bigger tents or marquees

Workshop stove, aunt, garage.

Blue Flame technology

Burner Deville blue flame with induction tube, rings and flame diffusers

Low consumption

No cleaning required (excluding annual maintenance)

Toby dispenser with very precise flow rate adjustment

Accessibility to actuators

Large space heating


These are very basic for use where there is no electricity etc. the only control is an oil flow to control the heat output.

They are delivered with an instruction / parts manual (in French).

Technical details Standard-NF EN 1 Connection of the chimney top Dimensions (W x D x H) -50.4 x 61.5 x 129 cm Nozzle diameter-153 mm Tank capacity-29 Liters Distributor-Toby Fuel consumption -2 L / h (max) - 0.6 l / h (min) Fuel type -Diesel / kerosene Rated power output-11-16Kw Weight-70kg Packaging (W x D x H) -55 x 65 x 145 cm

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