Gaz 46 - Gereserveerd

Vraagprijs: € 69.000 29 jul 2020, 10:53 Dose

Very rare amphibious Gaz. Running, starting and swimming on the button. No welding needed, reliable Volvo engine.

This Russian Gaz 46 is driving and swimming very well. The engine is a Volvo B230 together with a five-speed gearbox. Both has been build in by a profi in a very good and rebuiltable manner. The original engine is existing and part of the deal as well as the original seats and the metal sheets of the rear deck – the mounted seats are very comfortable and the metal sheets of the rear deck have been replaced by reproductions. The frontaxle has freehubs.

As said the car is starting on the button and in good condition. There is no welding needed. In opposite to the original engine this Gaz 46 is not getting as hot as the original one. And it has more power, the Volvo B230 engine has about 115 HP and a very good reputation as being long-lasting and reliable. The only thing which hast o be done in the near future are the breaks – as always on an amphibious vehicles. Although only 654 cars have been built about 80 % of the parts are easy available, because most technical things fit from the Gaz 69.

The Gaz 46 is registrated in Sweden and it comes with Swedish papers. It is located in West-Sweden about 130 kilometers from Stockholm. It also comes with a lot of parts and on request (cost-sharing) it could be delivered to Germany or The Netherlands.

More infos and photos on request