Voeding BC-1000 Willys Ford Dodge GMC US Army

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Voeding BC-1000 Willys Ford Dodge GMC US Army

Power Supply PP-114 A

Input 6 / 12 / 24 Volt , werking onbekend, niet getest.

Vibrator power supply for the BC-1000 transceiver. Used for vehicular installation. Three variants: PP-114/VRC-3, PP-114A/VRC-3, PP-114B/VRC-3. The first variant has slightly deferent design from the later ones. Input voltage/current: 6.3V/7A, 12.6V/4A and 25.2V/2A. Output voltage: 140V (High-B), 80V (Low-B) and 4.5V (filament). Vibrator: Non-synchronous, single reed, 180Hz (special part). Rectifying circuit: Two CK1005 tubes (plate supply) and a Selenium disk rectifier (filament supply). Regulation: Ferroresonant regulator, bucking windings and choke filters

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