ww2 british groene CLE droppings container parachute

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1 kleine professionele reparatie met een stukje ww2 us parachute , zie foto

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The canisters could contain food, ammunition, weapons or other equipment - the Mark 1 canister could carry 12 rifles and 1000 rounds of ammunition. A cylindrical fuel can was also developed to fit the CLE Canister, with a canister able to accommodate three of the cans.Some loads, such as radios, weren't dropped in CLE Canisters and required special containers to carry and protect them.

Prepacked canisters were allocated code numbers according to their load; a unit requiring resupply simply had to communicate the code and the number of canisters required. The type of load was indicated by the colour of the parachute, although the colours used were periodically changed to confuse the enemy. During Operation Market Garden, for example, the colours used were red for ammunition, green for rations, white for medical supplies, blue for fuel and yellow for communication equipment