Advertenties van Franz

Datum Titel
2019-03-06 G102 Halfrack, Fuel Valve, Tank Switch, NOS Tonen
2019-02-28 GPW, Black out Marker Light, NOS, Set of 2 Tonen
2019-02-25 Sirenlite Siren for Pacific, Ward La France, Trucks with Set 7 and Command Car Tonen
2019-02-24 Set of 2 Delineator Plates, US Army, New Tonen
2019-02-21 Weasel Track Tool, Suspension Lifter Tonen
2019-02-16 NOS Engine Hourmeter for M4 High Speed Tractor and Stuart Tank Tonen
2019-02-16 Dodge WC, Ambulance, Cabin Heater NOS Tonen
2018-12-13 Original Technical Manual TM-9-803, Willys MB and Ford GPW, February 1944 Tonen
2018-12-09 WWII, Jeep, MB GPW, Set of lockable Ignition Switch, Glovebox Button and Toolbox Locks with 2 keys Tonen
2018-11-15 Halftrack, Distributor, with Clamp Arm Assembly, NOS Tonen
2018-10-18 Sirenlite Model 20 Siren 12 Volt, excellent condition Tonen
2018-10-18 2 Sets, Half Doors, Willys Mb, Ford GPW, NOS Tonen
2018-10-18 Weasel M29, M29C; Crankshaft Bearings .020 NOS Tonen
2018-09-04 Stewart & Stevenson M1088 Truck Tractor, US-Army Tonen
2018-06-27 M816 Wrecker 5ton Tonen